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"On their self-titled debut album, Static and Surrender embody the best of indie rock. Intense emotion pours through these concise, carefully crafted tracks. Best taken in as a singular whole, Static and Surrender’s talents are countless. Riffs are infinitely memorable, the rhythms pitch perfect, and by far the most important, their lyrics recall a life lived to the absolute fullest. Stylistically, Static and Surrender effortlessly blend together the blues, classic rock, and alternative rock into a unique whole. Their songwriting efforts and chops recall the best of those trusty Texan stalwarts, Spoon. Full of energy they drive their message home through each song, each one of which feels just right, so rich and cathartic." - (click for more)



"If you want intelligent lyrics and a musical style that leaves bands like Train and Maroon 5 in the dust, then Static and Surrender is sure to be your new favorite band.  All nine tracks are killer and potential hits, especially “You Won’t Remember Me,” “Just Because,” their first single “Fall on the Blade,” “Slow Crash,” “The Very Long Night” and “Not Another Dime.” Recommendation:  Don’t waste any more time – rush out and Get this one today!" - Bob Leggett (click for more)


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